Friday, April 30, 2010

AP US History: Assignment for Friday, April 30 and Monday, May 3

1. Castlelearning Multiple Choice practice: Go to and follow the directions:
Enter your castle learning student ID # - It is the following: nc840-NCWISE# Type in the password you have used before or if you have never used castle learning, create one.
You should have one new assignment for this class: a 30 Question Multiple Choice Test called AP Benchmark Through 1877.
Use only the Castle Learning Navigation tools.
Work independently, utilize the second chance opportunities and hints to score as high as you possibly can.

2. Next, create an animoto review video on a topic from the list below - these are some topics that are emphasized on the AP exam. (links to animoto site are in the left hand column) Follow the simple directions to create an account and get busy making your own videos! Include relevant videos and brief textual facts) Some sample animoto video links are provided too.
***EMAIL me a copy of your animoto - we can use it for review and include links here on the blog:
My email is:

1. Women's History (Colonial Period)
2. Women's History (Revolutionary War effects)
3. Women's History (Early 1800s Reforms)
4. Women's History (20th century - 1950s - Feminist movement)
5. African American History (1700s)
6. African American History (1800s)
7. African American History (Turn of the 20th century)
8. African American History (Civil Rights Movement - 20th century)
9. Vietnam
10. Key Terms list (Choose 5 from the list of 41 to visually represent in your video)

**** Be sure to read through the description of the AP exam posted below.

***** Also there are a couple of study sites listed in left column.


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